Kelly Parker | Social Media ConsultantHi there!  I am so excited to have you here and I hope you enjoy all of the information and fun stuff I have available for you.

Here’s a little bit more about me:  I currently live in Greensboro, NC.  I certainly don’t claim to be a southerner, but I love that I get to call this place home.  From my perspective, it’s the perfect place to raise my two girls.  I moved to Greensboro in 2005 after finishing up an illustrious tennis career. I feel that I can claim the status of “illustrious” because I worked quite hard at it and my hard work payed off.  I was ranked #1 in the country in every junior age division I played growing up.  I then went on to play two years at Duke ranking as high as #1 in the country in NCAA’s before I competed on the WTA Tour.  I traveled the globe to pursue my dream and played all four Majors.

I value my tennis experiences because it gave me great perspective to differentiate myself and continue to adapt to get better.  So… I went back to Duke and finished my degree in Sociology and found a new passion for creativity, design and marketing.  It was tough, at first, navigating being in the business arena.  I was used to being the best at something and I found myself at the bottom of the food chain taking in every piece of information I could find.  To be honest, I loved it.  Not so much being on the bottom, but I love learning more about new ways of doing things.  I found a passion for telling a brand’s personal story and ultimately how that impacts their sales.  During my first internship, I learned amazing things about converting people online through design, placement and strategy.  But ultimately, my background in sports instantly drew me to sports and wellness related businesses.

Social media was on the rise when I started and I became engulfed in educating myself on the different platforms.  I find it most interesting how marketing has truly taken a turn from traditional marketing standards to a free and fun environment where as a business you MUST engage and relate to your customer both online and offline.

My goal in my content and offerings is to help you identify who you are as a brand and how that can translate online to engage with your current and future customers.  I hope you enjoy your time on my site.

If you’d like to contact me further, you can find me all over the Internet.

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