Social media and online marketing is everywhere and when used right, it can engage your community and drive customers to your door.  Millions of people use social media to connect, engage and make health every day.  In fact, in a recent study, one out of three U.S. consumers are influenced by social media in their purchase behavior.

The effects of social media and the impact that it can have on growth potential for any business simply can’t be overlooked anymore.

The elements of online marketing

  1. Your website.
    Your website is your office online.  The look and feel of your site should mimic your branding strategy in every other piece of your marketing.  It is your hub to drive customers to, so it is important to make sure you are creating a sales funnel to drive business back to you.Before we begin any work on your marketing channels, we do a website audit and go through everything that we can improve to optimize your website for consumer usability, maximum engagement and for search engines.
  1. Your online strategy
    There’s more to your online strategy than just social media.  It is a well-rounded approach to capture leads, create a sales funnel and increase sales.  That is why we don’t offer packages for just one thing or another.  The entire approach of email marketing, content creation and social media go together to influence buying decisions.  We believe in a unified approach online and all aspects of that need to have the same message and the same goal.
  1. Matching your content to consumer demand
    Content marketing is a vehicle in which to drive consumers back to your website.  We have professionals scouring the internet and monitoring the buzz related to your industry to create relatable, consistent original content for your site.  This drives customers back to your site again and again for content and increases your search engine optimization.
  1. Customer engagement
    Social media channels are great places to engage and interact with your customers. Your channels should reflect your brand personality, and we offer someone who listens and participates in conversations online.
  1. Know your numbers
    It is important to know your numbers. That’s why we do this for you.  With a monthly report of each platform, we can easily see what is working and was needs to be adjusted to optimize your online presence.